Difficulties of connection or update.

Some Internet users report difficulties, when opening web pages, to obtain the desired page or the latest updates of these pages.
The reason is often the presence of old pages of the same name in the memory of their server (proxy) or in that of their browser (cache memory). These old pages are called in priority.
These intermediate memories make it possible to obtain the pages requested formerly more quickly. These memories are unfortunately not updated immediately after a modification made by the creator of the website consulted.

To avoid these difficulties : At the opening of the page, click on the small image  :    (Refresh this page),  located at the top of the screen to the left of the page name for browsers "Chrome", "Mozilla Firefox", " Opera "," Edge ", or to the right of the page name for" Internet Explorer "," Safari "browsers. This action will call the latest version of the open page.

Sometimes more effective solution : In the browser settings : "Chrome", "Internet Explorer", "Mozilla Firefox", ..... go to "History", then click "Clear History" or "Clear Data of navigation ". The next opening of a page will lead to the last version of it.


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