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Brignogan Bay, usually called " Port of Pontusval " on Charts and in Sailing Instructions , lies in France, in the western part of the north coast of Brittany facing Polperro, Looe and Plymouth ,across the Channel.
This natural drying-out harbour , is a quiet and picturesque port-of-call for yachstmen cruising up an down the Channel.
The harbour entrance is facing North-East ; its southern side is well sheltered from main strong winds.

Brignogan town-council has been granted administrative rights on the harbour.

Mooring buoys for visitors have been laid up close to the entrance , and a little further inside.
There are no fees levied at this time.
Anchoring is allowed in most parts of the harbour.
Permanent moorings , need a special authorization from the town-council.

Provisionning is easy in the village of Brignogan , within walking distance of the harbour landing points.


Brignogan bay


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